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     Above all, The products of Longood have reached the ultimate form of core technology with a great deal of difference and exclusiveness as well as patent licenses in many countries worldwide, therefore, theoretically speaking, there are no direct competitors of our products.

    Then what are the competitors on our path of development? The answer is ideas and habits.

    Agent advantages

    Great strength for brand building

    Strong product R&D capability

    Specialized experience for professional quality

    National brand promotion and support for training

    Reasonable experience to guarantee the profit margin of dealers

    Extensive social resources and support from government resources

    Agent conditions

    Enterprises that have common goals with Longood, and agree with the values of Longood

    With great financial strength and industry resources

    With strong brand awareness and vision for long-term development

    Enterprises that have sales and management experience of medical apparatus and instruments, and completely support Longood

    Enterprises that abide by business rules and confidential principles of business cooperation

    Enterprises that can highly cooperate and coordinate with Longood in terms of operation and management philosophy

    Support from Longood

    Professional service training: Longood provides systematic training for sales personnel in order to help dealers operate more professionally and in a more scientific way.

    Whole-journey operation guide: send commissioners to offer targeted guidance to dealers regularly so as to improve sales performance. Provide long-term assistance to the characteristic brand promotion campaigns.

    Flexible and practical market support: provide personnel support in the form of contract according to actual situation.

    Support for promotion: the propagation spreading now includes Chinese Journal of Perinatal Medicine,, Yunwei Magazine.

    Acting flow

    Interested clients consult relevant issues and introduce their situations

    File a written application: fill in the Distribution Application Form of Longood Brand Distributors and submit it to the Department of Marketing

    The company conducts a preliminary assessment and examination and verification of interested dealers.

    The applicant provides corresponding materials to the company and other valid documentation as a demonstration of qualified operating conditions.

    After the applicant submits corresponding data, both sides conduct an on-site verification.

    Analysis of market research and report on business plan are to be provided, according to which the company can analyze the actual situation of the applicant

    Both sides negotiate business operations and formulate a business plan

    After confirmation, both sides conclude and sign the distribution agreement and pay the deposit and the initial payment for goods

    Both sides negotiate about training program, mentoring program and support program.

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