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    The Core Equipment Installation in Wuhan Company factory

    2024-6-26 0:19:18

    On Dec. 14th good news came from Wuhan Company. The first world's fully automatic filling sealing machine has been developed and successfully installed in place today by Wuhan Company which has a number of intellectual property rights.

    The device is researched and developed by Shenglin Gao the materials expert returned from German and his team over lots of years. This machine combines multi subject technology integration, choice on several plans, a plurality of various schemes of process validation, multiple prototype experiments, more experts, specializing in the production of easy cleaning and disinfection equipment into one product—— Filling Sealing Machine, which finally installed in Longood Company Wuhan production base.

    Filling sealing machine is key equipment of the company fully automatic production line which based on the early two generation prototype. It is put into use and will make the production line fully automatic, high efficiency, stable quality and other aspects of the continuous production. The product both at home and abroad meets the future huge market demand and lays a solid foundation with reliable guarantees.  

    According to whay company equipment department principal said, recently Wuhan Company will debug all equipment after finishing water, electricity; gas based work and strives to complete all the equipment debugging work before the end of Jan. 2015 to realize trial production.

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