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    72th national drug fair opening in Guangzhou

    2024-6-26 0:05:27

    On Nov. 27th, 2014, the 72th national drug fair opened in Guangzhou Pazhou International Exhibition Center. The fair attracted more than 2000 well-known pharmaceutical companies and medical supplies enterprises from all over the country. Longood participated in again and their product "Longood" and "Andi Baby" won the favor of customers (Booth No.: 12.2G35).

    The main product in exhibition is Andi Baby the disposable liquid-loaded wiper designed for the umbilical care. According to the survey of World Health Organization, there are still 400,000 neonates dying of the umbilical infection around the world every year. “Andi Baby" devote to greatly reduce the risk of neonatal umbilical infection.

    At the same time, "longood swabsick" easy attract people’s eyeball and it creatively solves these problems for far-reaching significance in clinical use, like "secondary pollution", "cross infection" and "drug volatilization and decay". The convenience feature of longood swabstick provides consumers the possible of disinfection in the first time, which suggests a great potential market for Longood retail.


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