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    Corporate Culture

    The corporate culture system of Longood is made up of four parts, namely, core values, mission, vision and commitment.

    Core values of Longood

    Innovation and Pursuit of Perfection

    The founding of Longood Pharmaceutical changes the lagging-behind situation of China’s acupuncture disinfection and small wound debridement industry. In terms of the global medical industry, technological innovation in this field was at a stage of slow development before the timely emergence of Longood Pharmaceutical, which made up for the inadequacy of this industry and becomes the creator of core technologies in this field. Therefore, “innovation” has been integrated into the blood and gene of Longood Pharmaceutical.

    Members of the founding team of Longood Pharmaceutical are all pacesetters in the medical industry immediately after China’s reform and opening up, be they experts or elites. It makes Longood Pharmaceutical start at a higher standard than the industry average from the very beginning. The value of pursuing perfection originates from the occupational habit of the founding team and becomes the aspiration of Longood Pharmaceutical.

    Mission of Longood

    Better technology, better life. More innovation, more convenience

    The epoch-making one-time whole sealing packaging technique completely changed the field of acupuncture disinfection and small wound debridement, with an ultimate solution to the problems of “secondary pollution”, “cross infection”, “medicine volatilization”, “attenuation of efficacy”, and “inconvenience of carrying” which had troubled this field for a long time. This particular technique has won the patent rights in 15 major countries and regions globally, making it one of the highest achievements created in China. The popularization of any new technologies and habits calls for the concerted efforts of all colleagues. Longood is committed to and capable of giving extended application of this technology so as to enable a wide range of people to lead a more safe and convenient life.

    Vision of Longood

    Being the Exceptional Creator of Core Medical Technologies

    The third industrial revolution highlights the competition of core technologies; the second transition of China’s reform and opening up also marks the transition from “made in China” to “created in China”. Since its founding, Longood has made unremitting efforts to innovate and managed to bring out the epoch making one-time whole sealing packaging technique under the core value of “innovation and pursuit of perfection” and the mission of “Better technology, safer life. More innovation, more convenience.” It is coming extremely close to the realization of the vision of “being the exceptional creator of core medical technologies” and become the representative enterprise of China creation in the pharmaceutical field.

    Commitments of Longood

    1. Commitment to customers

    To offer the most secure and convenient products and services of acupuncture disinfection and small wound debridement as the expert in this field.

    2. Commitment to investors:

    To achieve the optimal allocation of resources, establish and maintain a leading position in the industry, and preserve and increase the value of investor interest through continuous innovation.

    3. Commitment to employees

    To provide space for employees to realize their values, and to build a solid platform for the continuous innovation of the enterprise

    4. Commitment to partners

    To become the core strength that leads the harmonious development of the industry, to establish the value platform of industrial chain collaboration, and to contribute to the win-win results of partners and the sustainable development of this industry.

    5. Commitment to counterparts

    To become high grade competing teammates that contribute to the improvement of technology in this industry and the promotion of benign competition. 

    6. Commitment to the society

    To become an excellent corporate citizen and improve the quality of human life, and to provide valuable services to make for the sustainable development of a harmonious society.


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